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December 2, 1918. 

tonight at 12 OClock

I am on duty at

Base Hospital #94

in Charge of Electric


will be relieved

at 8 OClock in morning. 

this is the names

of the 4 men in charge

of hour shifts

Sgt Herbert Gates 487 Mass

Sgt Knudson 487 Iowa

Corp J.A. Dowling 487 Georgia

Corp Schafer 480 Iill


this is a 25 K.W. Generator

110 to 130 volts D.C. Curent

50 to 250 amps, French make


December 4th 1918

today one year ago we

left Phila Pa on the 

S.S. Northland for France

we landed in Liverpool

on Xmas day Dec 25

I worked in power Plant