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March 20

Report at Hdqtrs which was over Cafe Commerce at 8:30 AM Organized the

currier routes and took charge of mailing.  Had dinner in a cafe - beefsteak, eggs & potatoes - bread ?  Worked until 6PM

March 21

Handled currier & mail. also records.  Ate with Hq Troop.  Lots of work until 6 PM

March 22

Reported at 9 AM.  Turned courriers over to regular mail clerk.  Started filing

records.  Aided in general with paperwork.

March 23

Reported at 8:15 AM.  Worked until 12 midnight.  Ate but one meal and that was at noon in restaurant. Band of 106th Inf(antry) played near Hqtrs in evening.  All previous ? were cancelled at 12:30