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March 24: Rose at 7 AM.  Had breakfast in Cafe Met.  Sgt Kelly of 103rd Amb has Corple Trum ? + McGrath arrived from ?? for a visit.  Had dinner with 103rd Amb Co.  Worked until 9:30.  Went to movies at 20:00.  Nice show and a lot of people there.  Show started late and did not get home till 24:00.

March 25: Rose early.  Had breakfast + dinner at cafe.  Packed up to move.  Trucks pulled up at 2:45.  Loaded same & get into truck with 8 others. Started at 14:00. Arrived at Reynel at 16:15.  ?-sked baggace into bldg and entrucked again to go to supper.  Went to Riman-court; hung around long time, finally got bread, jam, & coffee at casual Co. ? Amb[ulance] took us back to Raynal.  Was terribly dirty; face being covered.  Got to bed on floor about 23:00.

March 26: Rose at 8:00.  Had breakfast.  Located luggage.  Arranged office equipment.  After dionner was put in charge of (3) men to clean offices. Finished about 17:00.  Building was formerly occupied by a Doctor but had not been cleaned for years.  Arranged officer's room in a beautiful Chateau nearby.  Our office building was near a church nearby.  Retired early.

March 27: Arose early. The adjutant and clerks arrived in the morning.  Set to work immediately on records with one Ass't.  Very busy until late PM.  Had meals with Hdqtrs troops down in valley.