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March 28 Thursday

Rose early.  No breakfast.  Was transferred (on paper) to Headquarters Detachment and appointed Battalion Sergeant Major as per St..?.. 84 Par 12 3/27/18.  Was congratulated on all sides.  Worked all day until late P.M. Still slept on floor and ate at Hq. Troop.

29 Friday

No unusual incidents except another assistant reported to me for duty.

30 Saturday

Arose early.  Was notified that we would leave on April 1st.

Div. started to move.  Plans for a rest period cancelled and were to rush back to front.  Worked until 24:00

31 Sunday 

Arose at 7:15.  Had no bkfast.  Started to work at 8:00.  Notified at 9:00 to pack up immediately as would leave immediately inside of an hour.  Packed in a hurry.  Both records + personal equipment .  At 11:00 had one sandwich as dinner,  Departed at 14:30 in Auto Truck after loading all equipment.  Arrived at Neufchateau at 19:15.  Walked to purchase ?   Arr. at Joul at 22:50.  Slept in my ?  Had bkfst in hotel.