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[left page]


12.  MERCREDI.  Ste Olympe.



13.  JEUDI.  S. Ant. de Pad.


[right page]


14.  VENDREDI.  S. Rufin.


15" Saturday [handwritten in]


16 Sunday [handwritten in over crossed out printing]


 At 4 A.M. Heavy bombardment

with 150 m/m.  Enemy plane flew

over & dropped 3 bombs.  Bombardment

lasted till 5 A.M.  1 Killed & 1 wounded

of Am. Engrs.  2 French soldiers killed. 

At 12:15 Bombardment renewed.  Had

to stay at phone.  24 shells sent over,

including 4 duds.

At 4:30 started again about

15 shells being sent over.

Retired at 23:00.