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Jun 16  [crossed out; seems to be continuation of previous entry]

We bombarded enemy towns in morning.  Enemy launched a raid with 800 men.  103rd Inf repulsed them with heavy loss, capturing 4 prisoners.  We lost about 90 men killed + wounded.

Jun 17

Usual day

June 18

Usual day.  Walked to Trondes in evening. (4) kilometres [south]

June 19

At 3:20 AM bombardment started. Lasted until 4:45.  1 Engr killed 1 wounded 9 horses killed & wounded.  Shells landed same places on Sunday.  Got order at 1:30 that would move in one hour.  Packed up, boarded trucks, landed at Trondes at 5:30.  Unloaded trucks & set up office. Had supper at 8PM.  Slept in barn [?] with office - fellows.