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Jun 20

Started work as usual.  Was downstairs in separate offices.

Jun 21

Usual day.  Started to walk to Boucq & picked cherries & strawberries.  Returned to office & wrote to Rose.  Retired at 11:30PM

Jun 22

Usual day.  Driscoll discharged & appointed Army Field Clerk @ $1200.00.  Retired at 12:10 midnight.

Jun 23

Arose at 8:30 AM.  Arrived in office at 9:15. Notified by Driscoll that I was appointed "Regimental Sergeant Major" S.0.  Walked to Fouq at 7PM.  About 5 1/2 kilometres.  Had a good time.  Met 1st Lt. of Engrs, 82nd Div and scared him with stories of trenches. Started back at 10:15 PM.  Arrived at billet at 11:10PM