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June 24

Arose at 8:15 AM.  Started to eat at non-coms mess at noon (50 free per month)

Usual day.

Jun 25

Usual day.  Walked to Boucq in evening.  101st Engineers were just leaving.  Most of civilians had departed. Some of 82nd Div were there (draftees). Ret'd at 10:15PM   Some of 82nd Div. passed through Trondes on way to trenches.

Jun 26

Usual day.  Packed up in evening to go to Touln? next day at 8 o'clock.  At 9:30PM notified that I would not leave until 1PM next day.  Retired at 11:15PM.

Wrote to Rose & sent her a copy of my S.O [special order) of promotion.

Jun 27Arose at 8AM.  Finished packing.  Loaded trucks at 11AM.  Started for Toul at 1:15PM. Arrived at Div Hq bldg at 3PM.  Set up office.  Non-com mess was on Rue San Louis in part of a saloon.  Had supper at 6:45.  Went to theatrical troupe show at 7:15PM. Fine show.

There was a big air raidle in the theatre.  Shrapnel flew all over streets.  Slept on floor in office with Swain.