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Jun 28

Arose at 7:30 AM.  Had bkfst at 8:45.  Usual work during day. Met Martin Sarafield + Peter ? and met lgt haired fellow of Keene at YMCA. Went around city.  Bought Rose a head shawl - 30 frcs.  Got haircut. Went to Cathedral. Was advised that I would depart next morning at 7:30 for Meaux by truck in charge of Advance party.  Slept on office floor.  Went to troop and got travel rations.

Jun 29

Arose at 6:30.  Had bkfst.  Advised that all trucks had been held up and Advanced Party would not go until next day.  Packed uip at 11AM.  Loaded the trucks at 3PM. ready for the entraining station.  Had a good time in evening with Fanello, Harra?y, Pot?,Bodwell, Boberg & Stanley. Ret'd to Hq bldg at 8PM. Rode to station in car to see the fellows off.  Trains left at 12:29, Pluffy Rotherham got left behind.  Slept in hotel where our mess was.Fanelle

Jun 30

Arose at 6:15.  Had small bkfst.  CAught our truck near office at 7:10. Departed for Meaux with 5 trucks.  95 trucks of Ammo Tr just ahead of our train.  Rode through womderful country. HadHardtack & corn willie, a pie and jam to eat at noon.  Arrived at Vitry-La-Francoise at 7:10PM With Gavin & Fanelle I went to Hotel Nancy, had supper & hired room.  Driscoll & McGrath went to another place.  Had fine time.  Retired at 11:30PM  Slept but little as hell was just outside my window.  Cost 10 francs.  Large city.

July 1

Rose at 6:30.  Walked back to trucks at 7:10.  3 Kilometres.  Had some pancakes & coffee. Started at 8:15.  Passed about one thousand prisoners, a division of British, a lot of French soldiers.  Passed an Airdrome & several places.  Wonderful fields of grain.  Arrived at Esthermay at 7PM.  Hired room with McGrath.  Retired at 10PM.