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July 2

Arose at 6AM.  Went back to truck.  Went to nearby farmhouse and got some bread, butter, and coffee.  Got on truck at 7:30.  Started at 8pm [Sic, ie 8am?]  Passed through Colommiers.  Arrived at Nanteuiel-les-Meaux at 12:20.  Had dinner at our mess.  Found my office all set up.  Worked as usual in afternoon.  Hunted up billets for my men.  Slept in hay over office/platform of 3rd platoon.  101st Infantry was in barn opposite office.  Retired at 10:15PM.

July 3

Worked as usual.

July 4

Arose at 7:45 am.  Worked in forenoon.  Went to Meaux - 2 1/2 kilometres. At 2:25 PM with Harrahy.  Went to nearly every corner of the City.  Big place.  Went into large Cathedral, Dept. Store, and butcher shop.  Saw where bomb had wrecked a house.  At supper at Hotel Trois Rois.  Small meal for 4 1/2 fr.  Got back to Nanteuil at 9:45PM.  Retired at 11PM.

July 5

Arose at 8AM