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July 6

Notified at 10:30 that we would move at 12:30 noon.  Trucks arrived at 12:30.  Loaded all office material, and mess.  Took charge of the five Trucks and pulled out of Nanteuil-les-Meaux at 1:15.  Arrived at Le Ferte-sous Jouarre at 1:15.  Arrived at Le Ferte-sous-Jouarre where Hq 1st Army Corps were at 3PM, distance of about 15 kilom.  Found chateau for Adjtant's office at 15 Rue Chateau Thierry.  Wonderful palace, set back from road, nice bedrooms., glass doors, running water, toilets.  Set up offices.  Ready for business at 4:30PM.  Retired at 11:45pm. 

July 7

Arose at 8am.  Started work as usual.  Was assigned a room upstairs with Sgt. Maj. Sullivan.  Nothing unusual.

July 8


Jujly 9