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[left side of diary]


3.   SAMEDI.  S. Geoffroy.



4.  DIMANCHE.  S. Dominique.


[right side of diary]



5. LUNDI.  S. Abel.

Notified at noon that could go to

Paris, with Gavin.  Walked to La Ferte (8 Kils.)

took train at 5:30.  Arrived at 1:45.

Went to Y.M.C.A. on Rue E'chequier.  Had

supper at Y.M.  Went for a walk on Boul.



6.  MARDI. S. Sixte.

Arose at 8 A.M.  Walked from Place

de Republique to Y.M.  Went to Barber

shop nearby.  Ret'd to Y.M. & had dinner.

Got ready for a trip but it began to rain.

We started at 2:30 for Champ

Elyssès by tube.  Walked along

the C. E. a short ways.  Saw Obelisk;

Pont Alexandre & Invalides; a group of [???]

being decorated in Square; Several Museums,

Eiffel Yower; Parks; Notre Dame; Hotel

Invalides.  At 8 P.M. went to Folloes

Belgère.  Wonderful show.