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[left side of diary]



19.  LUNDI.  S. Donal.

Band concert by 101st F.A.

at 19:30 in Public Square


20.  MARDI.  S. Bernard.

Band concert by 102nd Inf

at 19:30 in P. Sq.


[right side of diary]

21.  MERCREDI.  Ste  Jeanne.

Band concert by 103rd F.A.

at 19:30 in P. Sq.

Went for a swim in Seine

River at 18:30


22.  JEUDI.  S. Philibert.

Band concert by 103rd Inf. at

18:30 in P. Sq.  Then at 20:00

concert by Y.M.C.A. by Monsiur

[Mussan] and daughter and another

man and girl.  Piano, violin,

and Bass Vial.  One singer.

Y.M.C.A. opened canteen in

Pub. Sq.