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[left side of diary]


27.  MARDI.  Ste  Armandine.

Notified that we would move

next day.


28. MERCAREDI.  S.  Auguste.

Packed up at 8:30 to 9:30.  (14) trucks

reported at 10:15.  Loaded same &

ready at 12:15.  (6) officer; 3 [messed];

Hdqrs. Troop; [Minstrel] Show.  Started

for Chatillon at 12:30.  Arrived at 1:25.

Loaded on train, finished at 2:20.

Left at 6:45.  Arrived at Nancois-

Ironville at 4 A.M.  Detrained on

siding; finished at 5:15.  [Awaited] for

trucks until 1:15 next morning.  Many

troop trains arrived & detrained.  Trucks 

came and I took charge of loading.  Finished at 2:15.


[right side of diary]

5          AOUT

29.  JEUDI.  Ste  Sabine.

Started for [Soully]  with (14) trucks

at 2:45 A.M., distance of (45) kilo.

Arrived at 5:15 A.M.  Had to hunt

for office room & billets.  Located (4) very

poor places for offices.  Trucks all un loaded

at 8:35 A.M.   Set up offices until 9:15.

Nothing to eat.  Released the (14) trucks

in my charge.  Was in entire charge of

movement.  Mr. [R.] arrived  at 9:45

Got orders at 4:30 to move.  Packed

up.  Had supper at 5:30.   Loaded trucks at

7:30.  Started at 8:45.  Arrived at

Sommedieu (18 kilos) at 9:45.  Un-

loaded at foot of steep hill.  Went to

bed at 12:20 midnight.



Arose at 7:30.  Started to carry

office equip. up hill (distance of 300 ft)

at 9 A.M.  Finished & offices set up at

1:15 P.M.  Were in Wooden barracks

near R.R. formerly used for sleeping

quarters by French.  Well Camoufloged.

Set up a bunk in dugout.  Very

damp.  Retired at 10:30