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4.  MERCREDI.  Ste  Rosalie.

Gun with 45 ft barrel pulled

up on tracks near office at

5 P.M.


5.  JEUDI.  S. Bertin.

Got orders to move at 4 P.M.

Packed up immediately.  Had sup.

at 5:30.  Started carrying equipment

down hill.  Finished at [8:18] P.M.  3 trucks

reported at 9:45.  All loaded at 10:55

Jpoined 4 other trik in Park.  Took

charge of convoy, although did not

know route.  When  arrived at Dieu

took wrong road.   Went up almost to

Verdun before I found out mistake.

Drove back to Dieu and then

went to Ancemont.  There learned


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6.  VENDREDI.  Ste  Reine.

from French Gendarme route

to follow.  Arrived at Les Mon-

thairons at 1:15 A.M.  Had four

trucks unloaded to report back.

Did not unload [???] trucks.  Slept in hospi-

tal a few hours.  Arose at 7:15.  Had no

bkfst.  Had office bldg. cleaned.  Set

up offices.  Ready for business at 10 A.M.

Had (2) rooms which were used for patients.

Hard thunder shower in afternoon.

Had supper at 6 P.M.

Officers were in schoolhouse and former