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[left side of diary]


12.  JEUDI.  S. Guy

A terrific artillery preparation com-

menced at 1 o'clock. Enemy first thought

it to be local.  At 4 o'clock enemy expected

an attack.  Our attack commenced at

about [??????].  No resistance met in open.

Wooded areas filled with machine guns.

Our objective for the day reached before 20:00

Division halted.  Orders rec'd 5th [a.C] to push on

Vigneullas and Hattonchatel at alklk costs.  The

102nd Inf. then in reserve filtrated thru 101st Inf.

and oushed onward followed by 101st Inf.  The

102nd entered Vigneullas at 3:15 next morning.

I worked all night at M.P. hdges.

examining prisoners.


13.  VENDREDI.  S. Maurillé.

At 3:15 the 102nd entered Vigneullas.  ZOn its

left th 52nd Inf. Brig. entered during day

Billy-sous-les-Cotes & St. Maurico-sous-

les Cotes.  Made cointact with 1st Division

USA at 10:00.  This left St. Mihiel

and Montsec cut off and in our

hands.  We captured 2193 men 37 officers,

13 trucks, 1 Amb., batteries, a band with

all instruments, an officer in his private a


Rec'd (2) boxes of cigars from my trunk

in Rimaucourt and a sweater.


[right side of diary]


14.  SAMEDI.  S.  Corneille.

Beginning of day enemy were retreating in

disorder out of St. Mihiel Salient.

At 17:00 on 13th were near Joinville Champlon

and St. Hilaire and Chambley.

Our Div. taking over new sector hav-

ing been relieved by 2nd Div. Cavalerie

à Pied, on the general front Combres.

Got orders at 15 o'clock to be prepared

to move.


15.  DINANCHE.  S.  Ferréol.

At 14:00 o'clock rec'd

orders to pack up.  Got all

equipment outside of offices.  

Got word at 16:00 that would 

not move.  Re-set up offices.