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[left side of diary]


28.  SAMEDI.  S. Wenceslas.



29.  DIMANCHE.  S. Michel.



[right side of diary]


30.  LUNDI.  S. Jérôme.

Advised at 16:30 that

I would be sent to Paris

next morning.  Got prepared for 




1.  MARDI.  S. Remi.

Got up early.  Ready to start at

9:15.  Started in Dodge with Lts.

Campbell & Bowen at 10:10.  Passed thru

St. Mihiel, [Commercy], Domremy,

and arrived at Neufchateau at 12:00.

Had lunch at Y.M.C.A.  Got my orders

stamped at M.P's, at 6 Rue President Wilson.

Got train at 14:00 for Paris.  Arrived in

Chaumont at 17:00.  Changed.  Waited 

until 20:00 or train.  Got train at 20:10.

Met a French teacher.  Had supper in train.