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2. MERCR. Sts Anges Gardiens

Had chat with Y.M.C.A. girl and Fr. teacher.

Arrived in Paris at 1:30 A.M.  Went to Y.M.C.A. Rue L'Echequier and got roo.  Slept till 9:30.  Washed up and got started to see Dr. Morton Prince Got taxi cor-Rd. Strasbourg and Bd. des Italienne.  Arrived at Hotel Lotte, went to room #110 to Mass. Soldiers and S. Inf. Bureau.  Met. Mr. Crane who introduced me to Dr. Prince.  Got citation cards (2000)  Dr. Prince's chauffeur took me back to Y.M. in car. Had dinner at Y.M.  In afternoon went searching for supplies.  Visited many large stores, including Apperodt's, Hamm's , Walk Over Shoe, Barclay Slide, Ret'd to Y.M with a load.  Had supper in small Amer. Cafe. Bd. des. Ital.  Nice time.

3. Jeudi S. Gerard

Arose at 7:30.  Had bkfst at Amer. Cafe. 

Went to photographer.  Visited more stores.  Visited Amer. Consul at 1 Rue des Ital.  Went to 3 Ave. Scribe to Optician (eye security?) Had dinner at Y.M.  Went to Hotel Continental Saw Miss Fletcher.  Had my nails manicured.  Sent telegram to Hq.  Went to Soldiers and Sailors Club.  Went into Church Madeleine. Went on Champs des Elysses to get ticket for Casino de Paris instead.  Had supper at French Cafe off Place de L'Opera.  Went to Casino, met officers I knew.  Had nice time after show.