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[left side of diary]


18.  VENDREDI.  S. Lue, évêqu.

Got notice at 10:00 that we

would move next day to Verdun.

Snyder returned from Rimaucourt

with tobacco, cigars and soap from

my trunk in Rimaucourt.


19.  SAMEDI.  S. Savinien.

Started to pack at 11:00.  Was

charged with moving all offices to

Verdun & also Con. Show.  Had (15)

trucks. Was to start 1st truck at

14:30. and let one go every 15 min.

All trucks but 3 had left at [18:00?],

and started those off at 5 min. inter-

vals.  Went on last truck.  Arrived

in Verdun (abt. [2.5??] Kilo.) at 9:15.

No one there to meet me.  Found offices were

to be in Casemate Nord on top of

hill at Citadel.  Set up offices.

Retired at 23:30.


[right side of diary]


20.  DIMANCHE.  S. Aurélien.

Enemy shelled city all 



21.  LUNDI.  Ste  Ursule.

Enemy shelled city all

day and night.