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[left side of diary]


3.  DIMANCHE.  S. Hubert.  [????]

Heard tha Austria had signed

an Armistice with General Diaz

to cease hostilities Nov. 4, 1918.

Also learned that Kaiser had


Went to church in chapel in

Verdun Citadel.


4. LUNDI.  S. Charles.



[right side of page]

5.  MARDI.  Ste Sylvie.



6th   Mercredi


7.  Jeudi,  S. Léonard.

Peace Envoys or Plenipotentiares

of Germany crossed the lines

at 12:00 on way to headquarters

of Marshall Foch to arrange

for an Armistice.

1st Amer. Army advancing

rapidly on Sedan.  Had advanced

40 Kilometres since Nov. 1st.