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[left side of diary]


11.  LUNDI.  S. Martin.

Courier came at 2:15 and

advised that we were to make

a drive at 9:30.  Wireless

received at 4:30 from Hq.

of Marshall Foch that all

hostilities and firing would

cease on the entire front at

11:00.  G-3 issued Field Order 

#106 requesting all firing to cease

at 11:00 o'clock, French time, this

day, no fraternizing with enemy and

no crossing the lines until further


Armistice was signed at 5 A.M.

Nov. 11, 1918, hostilities to cease

6 hours later.


[right side of diary]


13.  MERCREDI.  S. Brice.



14.  JEUDI.  S. Philomene.

Was advised 

at 15:00 that would

move next day.