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Arose at 8:00.  Assembled

men in front of Adjutant's Office

on Rue [Neufchateau] at 11:15.

President and party arrived at

12:20.  Whole party passed slowly

by us.  He had dinner with

Gen'l & officers of Div. at French

Hospital. He departed at 2:15

without having made a speech.

Non-coms had a fine supper that

commenced at 18:00 and broke up at

1:00 next morning.  Had fellows from

26th Div Consolidated Show for music.

1 - violin  }

3 - Banjoes }  3 - Kingsbuy fellows

1 - Ukalalee }         from Keene, N.H.


26.  JEUDI.  S. Etienne



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