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5.  DIMANCHE.  Ste Amélie

Arose at 8:45. Had bkfst. in room for

9:50 fcs. for two. Started for walk at 11:40.

Went to Restaurant Garcin, on Rue

Algerie, near Place _______, this is

where the Lyonnais potatoes originated.

Had fried Lake trout. L. potatoes, steak,

potage, fruit, bread, Barsac wine for 11 frcs.

apiece. Went for promenade at 1:20. Stopped

in Café Royal. Ret'd to hotel for baggage at

3:50. Took train for Aix-les-Bains at

4:30. Arr. at Curoz at 9:05. Changed trains.

Train for Aix started at 10:11. Arr. at Aix at

10:55. Taken in Garage by M.P. to be assigned

to hotel. Assigned with 60 others to Hotel Beau Sejour

near the baths.

6.  LUNDI.  Epiphanie

Arose at 10:30 A.M. Had dinner

in Hotel. Hired a (4) seated carriage for

sight seeing. Went to Cascade Georges

du Sierroz. Walked alongside Cascade over 

the water. Rode up a low part of moun-

tains.  Came down near Lake [Bègout?].

Stopped at Cafè Belle Rives.  Returned

to park near Y.M.C.A.  Grande Porte

about 4 hr. ride.  Visited Y. M. Played

Billiards with Mac. Had dinner at 6 at Hotel.

Went to theatre in Y.M. at 8:30.  Had Lunch

at 11:00 in Y.M.  Retired at 12:00.