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7.  MARDI. Ste Mélanie

Arose at 8:15.  Had bkfst. in hotel.

Took train for Chambèry at 10:22.  Arr. at

10:50.  Walked around city.  Had dinner

at London Cafè.  Mayor's daughter of Aix

ate at same table.  Walked to park on high

bluffs. Went to Place Monge Alleyway

#124 & Mme Fanny.  Took train back at

5:30.  Arr. at 6:00.  Had supper at hotel.

Went to Y.M. at 7:15.  Put in complaint to

Mr. John, Y.M. Sec'y on Hotels.  Had lunch

at 9:30.  Watched dancing of Soldiers

and Y.M. girls.  Had drinks, Retired at


8.  MERCREDI.  S. Lucien

Intended to visit Abbey but got

up too late in morning (8:40). Had

bkfst in bed.  Arose at 10:20.

Spent time at Y.M.