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9. JEUDI. S. Julien

Arose at 10:45.  At 12:45 started

for station to Mount Revard, highest

peak around Aix.  Price 4:50 frcs.  Took

train at 1:45, cog railway, engine pushes

one closed car seating about 50 persons.

Two stations on way up.  Arrived at sum-

mit at 2:50.  Had lunch in Restaurant.

Could see Mr, Blanc in Switzerland,

Mt. St. Bernard in Italy.  Mt. Blanc is

highest mt. on Europe.  Snow was about

10 inches deep.  Fine skiing, tobogganing,

and snowshoeing.  Wonderful view of Aix.

Mt. Revard is 5070 ft or 1545 meters

high. Ret'd at [4:40?] to station & 5:30 at

10.  VENDREDI.  S. Guillaums

Started at 9 A.M. from Y.M. to visit

Hautecombe Abbey.  Walked 3/4 to steamer

on Lake Bourget.  Sailed around Lake at

foot of mounts.  At abbey, owned and kept

by Kings of Italy, saw room and bed of

King [Chas‘.?] Felix and Queen Christina, also their

tomb.  Abbey was re-established by this

king & Queen.  It was Queen C's duty to look after Art

and poor.  King Louis I & Queen was buried in 

church near Altar.  Monk's there took

pride in showing the remains, all robed,

of St. Felicis.  Was wax figure except 

bones were real.  Most beautiful paintings of

Christ's cruixifiction & resurrection & of Saints.

Took steamer for retunr at 11:30.

     Went to French Dance at Hotel Foillet at 9 P.M.