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13.  LUNDI.  Ste Véronique

Arose at 10: A.M.  Had dinner

at 12:00.  Arranged for transportation

at Savoie Leave Area Hdqrs. Started

for station at 17:10.  Took train at 6:30

for Lyon.  Changed trains at [Culoz?].

Arr. in Lyon at 21:40. M.P's. would

not check us out.  Had lunch in Station

Buffet.  Train for Paris arr. at 22:20

but armed Gendarmes would not let us

on. M.P's. had to check us out.  Went to

Hotel Bristol but no rooms. Went way

up to Grand Hotel on Rue de la Republic.  Got

fine room with two beds for 16 frcs.

14.  MARDI.  S. Hilaire.

Arose at 8 A.M.  Had a bath, Bkfst. in

room.  Went for a walk around city.  Bought

new frames for my glasses, new hat - 21:50 fcs.

Went to Restaurant Garcin for dinner.

Had fried trout, [Lyonnouis?] potatoes; Barsac wine,

potage, beefsteak, dessert for 18 frcs. each.

Went for walk.  Stopped in Cafè Royal.

Stayed there until 19:00.  Went to Cafè

Louis XV.  Had supper for 14 frcs. each.

Went to hotel for baggage at 21:30.  Long

distance to train.  When arrived at station

trains were full, would not let us on.

Had to fight my way to a window and

boarded train thru the window.  Train

started at 22:35.