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23.  JEUDI.   S. Raymond.

Sent one truck load of

equipment at 9:00 to

Damblain - our Entraining Point.

Another truck load at 15:00

Advised that was in charge of move -

ment again and that would have

two trucks next day.  Packed

up everything at 16:00.


24.  VENDREDI.  S. Bertrand

Arose at 6:45. Rec'd. [2]

trucks at office at 8:15.

Sent one load of equipment & one

load of men to Damblain. Rec'd.

another truck at 13:30 for myself

and rest of men. Started for Dam-

blain at 14:15 and arrived at 15:45.

Loaded train. Went into town. Stopped

fight in Café. Had supper at French

private home. Ret'd. to train at 21:00.

Made up bed in box car and retired.