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26.  MERCREDI.  S. Emmanuel.

Arose at 7:30. Fell in for Short Arms

[???]Inspection at 10:00.  Passed thru

the [????].  Had to undress in a long barrack

[???] and undershirt.  After insoections  had

a bath by "the numbers."  Marched back

to tents at 11:15.  Had dinner at

12:[??].  Fell in for equipment in-

spection at 14:00.  Marched to inspection

 all over.  Cootie baths.  Laid out equip-

ment as [in] bunk inspection.  Many of the

fellows were minus equipment.  After marching

back to Camp, checked up all men on Equip-

ment, taking note of shortages.  Drew a tent

[???] of equipment and issued same out to

men between [???] & 20:45 o'clock.  Pack inspection

at 21:00.. Heard that would 

leave next day

on [MV] Vernon. 

27.  JEUDI.  Mi-Carêrne.

Arose at 7:00.  Had brkfst.  Made up packs

and policed tents before 10:00.  Fell in ready

start at [10]:00.  Ordered to be ready at 12:30.

Had dinner at 12:00.  Fell in with packs at 12:30.

Started from Camp at 13:00 behind M.P's.

Marched 6 1/2 Kilometres without a rest.

Arrived at Pier 5 at 5:00.  Lined up

under Troop Shed.  Were checked on Passen-

ger List as we walked by window.  Clerk yelled

our last name & we answered by giving our

first name.  Were loaded on Lighter

"Amackansin."  Band played "Homeward

Bound."  Started from shore at 16:00.  Had to

go about two miles to get to Mt. Vernon.

Arrived at Transport and boarded it at 17:[??]

Sailed at 19:00.