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28.  VENDEDI.  S. Gontran.

Was assigned upon [???] boat

to troop space #44 [????] 63 other men

was small shack on upper deck

Had little canvas bunks 4 high.

Hardly room to roll in and only about

20 inches between [???].

There were no 2nd Class

accomodations on the entire Boat.

Arose at 7:45.  Was seasick for

about 20 minutes.  [??????????]

Had sandwiches (2) for dinner. Day

was calm.  Was outside of land

when I arose.  Had to set watch back

1 hour.  [??????????] 15:00.

29.  SAMEDI.  S. Eustase.

Woke at [????].  Weather was

cloudy.  Sea moderate.  Rained

occasionally.  Too many in

afternoon  for boat drill  Had

cootie inspection