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Departed Annapolis, Md.  9:00 A.M.  September 29, 1926

Arrived Guantanamo, Cuba.  7:00 A.M.  October 3, 1926

Departed     "               "        noon            "       "     "

Arrived Coco Solo, Canal Zone  October 5, 1926

Route of "Chaumont" is in heavy ink line.

See Page #18 for Canal Zone map.


[image: Map of the U.S.S. Chaumont's route, from Annapolis, Maryland to United States Naval Base Coco Solo, Panama, with a stop at Guantanamo, Cuba along the way. Along the left side of the map, Livingstone has noted, "Latitude Scale." A notation at the bottom of the map indicates "Longitude scale." In the bottom left corner of the map there is a handwritten date: "AUGUST 1926".]