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time.  Bill was vaccinated this date. I had

been vaccinated 4 days before boarding the

Chaumont and I think it is going to take --

Dr. Curtis, the Chaumount Dr., says it has taken.


Friday Oct. 1st    Temp. Max 91°F  min 79°F

A beautiful morning. Sat on deck

all morning and watched the men put up the

swimming tank on the well deck. Forward of

the bridge, near where marked X on picture of Chaumont

on first page. A good and warm and beautiful

day, no sea running at all, the ship as

steady a table at home. The meals are fine

and everyone eating three good squares

a day. Am so lazy and sleepy all the

time, air is wonderful and breezes

blow in our room on port side all day

and night. The starboard side rooms are

much hotter. Everything about the ship

interests me; two marines are on duty

all the time on the front part of the 

ship by a life saving device. If a man

falls over board the marine on duty trips

the release to the large life buoy, it flares

up with a light when it hits the water

so the man can find it and swim to it

and hang on until the ship stops and

picks the man up.

The swimming tank was ready at 4 P.M.

& a lot of passengers enjoyed a good swim -- my

bathing suit being deep down in my trunk in the

trunk room I couldn't go in.

The movie tonight was "Peacock Alley" -- Mae

Murray. We all sat out on the after deck & sang

as the orchestra played. After the movies Mrs Davis

Lt. Fitzgerald ("Peep"), Bill and I played

bridge. Last night Mabeth & I played with

two Ensigns. The sea is so smooth now

I almost wish it would roll abit again.

Saturday Oct 2nd    Temp. Max 90  min 78

Beautiful day; Sighted San Salvador

Island at breakfast time and saw the light-

hosue. The sea is very smooth and blue

and the island in the distance makes a 

beautiful picture.         Watched the Captain