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make inspection at 10 A.M. The sailors &

Marines looked very fine and clean

as well as the ship.

Noon after lunch sat up in front

of the boat deck, three ships in sight,

[Ankins] island on the port side with

a white lighthouse on its shore. Absolutely

no motion to the ship.

After the movies there was a dance

in the after social Hall and being in

the Windward Passage the ship rolled

so much it was nearly impossible to

dance. The ship rolled & pitched more

here than off Cape Hatteras. I played

bridge in the card room until after

mid-night with Lt. (Dr) Brown, Lt.

Whelan, Ch. Boswain [Muelohi], and Chaplain

Miller. Won $14 at 1/4¢.


Sunday Oct 3rd    Temp. Max 96  Min 80

Got up at six A.M. & looked out of the

port just as we were were entering the port of

Guantanamo, Cuba. Were were close to the shore

and the green of the shore and the dimmer

green of the hills in the distance, were

very beautiful. I dressed in a hurry and got on

deck in time to see the ship drop anchor

in among a lot of destroyers and scout cruisers

and their mother ships. We anchored close to

the marine barracks -- no sea at all, just

like a sheet of glass was the water. Waited

around for Forrest until 8:30 -- we sent him

a bridge signal at 7:45 but no answer. Saw

a speed boat from the Dobbin coming towards

us and called Bill and asked him to find out

if we couldn't get on it and go to the Dobbin.

We could so Mrs Davis, Mrs [Raftery] and Bill & self

piled in and soon were over to the Dobbin.

Found Forrest not dressed but I went on up

to his room any way. We were so delighted

to see each other. Just hugged him all the

time. Forrest ran true to form, wanted to give

us everything he had, spent all the time going

thru his thing, served iced ginger ale,

peppermints and [shags?]. He gave Mrs R & Mabeth

each a can of Chesterfields and a pkg of guava

jelly. To me he gave a lovely leather writing case