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3 packages of guava jelly, 1 tin of french nougats,

a quart bottle of [Verduno?] toilet water, 1 can of

Coty's talc powder. Gave Bill a real gilded Sea

horse. We came home loaded. On the way

home (Chaumont) he got a speed boat to

take us up to CaimaneroI stood up on the

stern of the boat with Forrest -- the scenery

was lovely, dwarfed palms and other tropical

shrubbery lined the shore, the water was

clear as a crystal and the day a bright,

clear one. In about 20 minutes we

were in Caimenero, the village the boys had

so often spoken of. Was so interested with

this quaint, squatty little place -- every other

store was a salon or bar. The stores sold

all kinds of French embroideries, chinese goods,

and cuba products. Seemed so funny to see

just hundreds and hundreds of jugs of 

Bacardi all stacked up and bottles of

liquor galore! How I would liked to have

filled my arms full of the things in the stores

-- perfumes, toilet waters, embroidered shawls,

dresses & etc. At the "Officers Club" (one

of the drinking Emporiums) Forrest ordered

3 quarts of Champagne, brandy and absynthe

and mixed up some "Champagne cocktails" that

were simply delicious, Yea! potent as well. Then

Forrest spread some anchovies, stuffed with

capers, on crackers for all of us. It was a 

real party and all were on top of the world

when we started back to the Chaumont. A

funny looking native woman -- dressed in

calico and wide brimmed black straw hat --

sold us peanuts after much persistence on

her part. The trip back was wonderful but

felt badly when I had to say goodbye to

Forrest at the gangway at the Chaumont. Forrest

didn't come on board -- had to go right

back to the Dobbin. We took some

pictures on the Dobbin (next page over)

The Chaumont was due to sail shortly after

noon so we got back jut in time for

lunch and also Bill had the 12-4 watch.

Our morning party was a huge success but

on counting up the bill it was a shock

-- our bill for drinks were $11.00 and in

all it was $15.00 and there was no taxi

bill either. Mabeth & I sat up on deck after

lunch and watched the ship roll as it entered