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[image: Photograph of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with a handdrawn arrow pointing to Caimanero.]

Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Caimanero in Distance 

Oct, 3, 1926

[image: Forrest and Bea posing for a photograph onboard the U.S.S. Dobbin. Forrest looks at Bea, while Bea smiles for the camera.]

Forrest -- Bea

U.S.S. Dobbin    Oct, 3, 1926

Guantanamo Cuba


Sailed from Guantanamo for Panama noon Oct 3rd


Monday, Oct 4th    Temp. Max. 91  min. 84

Got up early as it was so sticky hot and

took a cool shower bath and felt better --

didn't sleep well last beause room on starboard

side is so hot. Bill had 8-12 A.M. watch.

The ship is pitching quite a bit and a

number of the passengers are seasick.

I am not, thank Goodness! I really like

the motion of the old boat. Played bridge

this P.M. with Mabeth, Lt. Fitzgerald U.S.M.C.,

and Bill; won $1.40 at 1/10¢. Just before

the movie show a colored steward did the

real old Charleston as only a "nigger" can

do it. The movie was the "Green Goddess".

After the movie played bridge with Dr

Brown, Lt. Whela, & the [Bo...?]; Won $3.25

at 1/4¢.


Tuesday Oct 5th    Temp. Max 89  Min. 76

Had rain squalls all during the

night and fog whistle blew which kept me

awake most of the night. Bill had to go on

watch at 4 A.M. -- was called at 3:30 that

again woke me up. He called Mabeth and

me at 6 A.M. to come and take a plunge

in the swimming tank but was too sleepy

to respond. After breakfast went up on

deck -- the forecastle -- to watch the

flying fish jump out of the water as

the ship came near them. They were

so interesting -- never had seen