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white cranes standing about. Went on down into

the extreme end of Panama City where is located

an early Spanish Fort, later used as a Panamanian

Prison and now is a public square. There

were a lot of statues of Frenchmen and others

connected with the building of the French canal

which was never completed. De Lesseps was one of

these men. Here we had gorgeous view of the

Pacific Ocean. Then we drove to the Flat Arch

which is in an old ruined Cathedral that dates

back to 1640 and the arch is a very wide

flat span of about 40 feet. Next we went

to see the Gold Altar in another present

day Cathedral. History tells us that this altar

is of solid gold and was once buried to hide it

from the pirates. It stands about 30 feet

high and is about 20 feet wide. Drove

up to Nick's place to have a round of good

old German beer. Nicks place is on

Santa Anna Plaza. Next stopped at the

Hotel International for more drinks -- I took

a rum-punch which was potent. The streets

are narrow, all traffic on the left side, which

confused me very much. The shops were most

fascinating -- so many enticing things in the

windows. We stopped in at [I.] L. Maduro's on

Cathedral Plaza as Bill wished to show me

the shrunken heads, just as large as your fist

and a perfect human head. The features perfect,

and hair, eyebrows, and lashes in perfect condition.

On one heads the hair had grown long and it was

most terrible to look at. Our next stop was at

the Country Club where had two drinks

apiece, I still drinking rum-punches. Met

Dune Walton here and had little chat -- he

was stationed on the "Seattle". We returned to

the Knights' home -- just opposite the Tivoli

Hotel -- for dinner. It was a most attractive

house with palms and flowers in the yard and

vines all over the double porches. The porches

were on three sides had the same for upper

story as for first story of the house -- it was

so unusual to me -- the outside wall in

back -- so must be very cool. The porches

were all screened in. The dinner was

delicious -- honey dew melon, crabs in casserole

cucumbers sliced whole and covered with French dressing,