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Onions, crackers, steak (filets), sweet potatoes pie

with marshmallows, creamed corn, hot biscuits,

stuffed olives, guava paste, plum pudding, brandy

sauce & coffee. Forgot to add a free

lunch was served at the Country Club, a fish

croquet & rye bread. After dinner we all

too full up to move until 10:30 when

we went to Madame Kelly's Cabaret. The

girls that sang were all about 200 lbs. The

music fine and we all danced several dances

but Bill was so tired after practically 36 hours

duty, we came back to the ship at midnight

all tired out but more than delighted with

our day in Panama.

Took some pictures which follow.


[image: Three women, Bea, Mrs. Raftery, and Mabeth, posed alongside the U.S.S. Chaumont's deck as the ship passed through the Panama Canal.]

Bea -- Mrs R. -- Mabeth


[image: Bea leaning against the side of the Chaumont as it passes through the Gatún Locks.]

Bea at Gatun Locks


↖ Going thru the Canal -- Oct. 6, 1926 

[image: Three women, Mrs. Raftery, Mabeth, and Bea, sitting in rocking chairs on the deck of the Chaumont.]

Mrs R -- Mabeth -- Bea