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Thursday Oct 7 1926  -- Second day in Canal Zone

At 10 A.M. Dr & Mrs Knight called for

us and we started out again. First went to the

Commissary Store in Balboa where I bought some powders,

compacts, two grass bags, and four hand-made handkerchiefs

(total for all 7.00)  Then we drove out to Ft. Amador

and over the causeway to the fortified Island of Amador

It was beautiful -- the view of Panama to the

left, the island to the right out in the Pacific Ocean, and

the mountains in the distance to northward were seen

very well from this point. Came back to the ship

for lunch, then drove all around Ancon Hill,

passed the large, red-roofed Administration building of

the Canal Zone, up thru Quarry Heights, over past

the Ancon Hospital to the "intended" Governors Palace

on the side of Ancon Hill. Then we drove

down into Panama City and took a few pictures

here and there and then out to the Pedro Miguel

locks. Saw several ships go thru the locks and slide

on into Miraflores lake and Miraflores locks, thence

into Pacific waters. The view of all of these

places were beyond words, the Royal palms and

tropical foilage, and clean, cool-looking gov't.

buildings here and there fascinated me. On

the road out to Pedro Miguel we passed thru

several Army Posts -- viz; Corozal and Fort Clayton

-- and passed several small lakes. Returning

from Pedro Miguel we into Panama City again

-- this time to take in the shops. Went first

into the French Bazzar -- everything that one's heart

could desire, mostly imported French things and

prices very reasonable. Mrs Knight bought me

a lovely green powder box and I bought a red,

fluffy doll type powder box for the boudoir for

Aunt Hila. Then we went into "New China" (up the street

a block from the French Bazzar) and there bought a

cigarette holder for Roger a lace bib for Rogene. I also

bought a green dolding bob comb at the French Bazzar.

Wanted to buy everything I saw. Next we went to Antonio's

on Avenue Central and to Madame De [Lord's]. Bill

called a "Caramette" and we all piled in and rode

to the Country Club for a round of beer and where

we supposed to meet Dr Knight. On the way

down forgot to say we had some German beer

there. Dr Knight came in a short time and drove

us to our next place -- had a tea engagement

at 4:30 P.M. with Mrs Robert Kean Morris on Quarry

Heights. (see clipping in Panama American on opposite

page.) Mr Morris is Chief Quartermaster of the Panama

Canal; he wasn't present, however. Mrs Morris lived