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to the Chaumont. The tug then took us in

tow and we got underway making about

7 knots. Received five letters, one from mother,

the first written a day after we left Annapolis.


Sunday Oct. 17th    Temp Max.  77  min. 61


Arrived San Diego

and tied up at the

Municipal pier, foot of

Broadway, at 10 AM. Had a thich fog coming

into harbor and wondered how on earth we

could navigate at all -- Bill and I went ashore

at once to phone the Gardners and walked

up to the U.S. Grant Hotel. The Gardners

were out of town but were due back in town to-night

Bought some magazines and hurried back to the

ship as Bill had to take the day's duty at noon

and be on until noon to-morrow.


Monday Oct 18th    Temp Max. 71  min. 58

I went ashore with Mrs and Miss Gayler

to a beauty parlor where I got a facial, hair

trim, shampoo and water wave -- $7.00 After

Lunch Dr & Mrs Webber took us for a ride.

First went in to see Mr Gardner, in his

store on Broadway, and liked him very much.

He gave me a lovely cigarette box, ivory elephant,

& a ring of charms. Then we drove all around

San Diego, Balboa Park, thru the residential section

and down to "Ramona's Marriage Place" in old

San Fiego, then out thru Loma Poral and to

Point Loma. The city is filled with palm trees

and flower beds in bloom, saw my orange tree

and it had oranges nearly ripe on it -- also saw