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a lemon orchid and in Balboa park was

a grove of banana trees. In old San Diego

-- known as "Old town", was was founded by

the Spanish missionaries in 1769 -- was a grove of

alligator pear trees bearing fruit. On the way

back to the ship we stopped at a Japanese

flower grower and bought a dozen lovely

Chrysanthemums for 30¢. Returned to the

ship in time to dress as we had asked the

Webbers and Gardners to dinner aboard ship and

stayed for the movies, which was "The Black

Pirate" -- Douglas Fairbanks. After the movies

we drove out to Gardners home on Loma

Portal -- they have a lovely bungalow

attractively furnished. Had a few drinks and

saw some of the things Bill had brought

back from China and had left with the

Gardners and enjoyed meeting the Gardners,

of whom Bill had spoken so often, very much.

Tuesday Oct 19th    Temp  Max. 70  min. 62

Mrs Gardner called for us with her car

at 9:30 and brought me a beautiful, large

bunch of dahlias out of her garden. We drove

all about town, up thru Balboa Park again

where we took some pictures -- which follow


[image: A couple standing on a pathway in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. The man appears to be dressed in a U.S. Navy uniform. They are flanked by palm trees and other local flora.]


[image: A couple posing for a photograph in front of a lily pond in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. The man is dressed in a U.S. Navy uniform.]


Balboa Park, San Diego, Cal.


In the background are

palms, banana trees, ferns, etc.


Lily pond in front of Tropical