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[image: Two women, identified as Mrs. Gardner and Bea, stand amongst a small crowd of people walking past the corner of 5th Street and Broadway, San Diego, California.]


[image: Bea and an unidentified man posing for a photograph at a tropical garden in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.]


Corner of 5th st    Mrs Gardner  Bea

and Broadway, San Diego Cal


In Tropical Garden, Balboa Park 


Next Mrs Gardner took us in the principle stores

and shops then stopped in for Mr G. and all went

to lunch. Mrs G. gave me a little buttonaire of

[bead] flowers -- thought San Diego was such a

clean, fresh looking city and must be a very

nice place to live, the population being about 100000

and steadily growing.

We sailed at 3 P.M. after a lovely 2 days

-- liked what I saw of California; it is much

cooler here that what I imagined, especially at


The trip out of San Diego harbor was

beautiful and after dinner while at the movies

we could watch the lights, almost a continuous

chain, of the towns on the shore. There were

ships passing from time to time and the moon

was full -- this with the pretty shore line

was beautiful to behold. We were on our

way to San Pedro to discharge most of our

Ensign passengers and were due there at 10 P.M.


Wednesday Oct 20th    Temp.  Max.  66  min. 59

Awoke in San Pedro Harbor which was

full of Navy craft, mostly battleships. After

breakfast sat out on deck in the sun and watched

the boats of the warships go speeding by. Watched

the "California" and "West Virginia", which were anchored

close by, shoot their airplanes off their catapults.

The air was soon full of airplanes as all the

battleships seemed to be shooting them at the same

time. At 8:00 A.M. sent Gale Poindexter a signed