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that we were would like to see him -- we were

sailing at 11 A.M. so weren't allowed ashore ourselves.

About 5 minutes before we got underway over

came Gale so just had time enough to say

Hello and Goodbye. He looked fine and said

he would be in San Francisco on his ship next

week so am looking forward to seeing him

then. We are due to arrive in San Francisco

to-morrow noon. We are underway again and

the sea is smooth as can be.


Thursday Oct 21st

Temp. { Max 65

 Min 55


Awoke at usual time --

7:00 -- and found we

we cruising close to

the shore (of Northern

Cal.)  The hills and

mountain were very

pretty at a distance but

upon approaching closer

they were all so brown

-- this is explained by

the fact that Oct is

last month of the dry

season. Bill was not

feeling well this A.M.

and Dr found he had

a temperature and

had him turn in. He

caught a dreadful cold

while on watch last night.

I watched the shore line

and entrance to Golden State

but didn't see any gold

on the gates -- just

foggy, dark and dismal

looking hills. The city

of San Francisco is built

right on top of a number

of high hills and from

the water the streets

look very steep. Bill

is still in bed so

can't go ashore. We


[Ad]  U 1 1 6

[from]  B  4 8

Bt msg for

Mrs Livingstone

Will be over as soon

as I can get away

from drill

[Poindixter? Poindexter?];


[image: An illustrated, color map, perhaps a postcard, of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas.]