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lunch in town we went back to ship and

packed up and by 4 P.M. were keeping house

once again. Went out for food for 2 days

and then turned in too tired to move.


Monday Oct 25th   Temp  Max.  71  Min. 59

Went over to the Chaumont to-day to

get some money as we expected to go to

San Francisco to-morrow. Am spending most

my time around the apartment getting my clothes

ready for the 2nd leg of our journey.


Tuesday Oct 26    Temp  Max. 79  Min. 60

Bill and I caught the 7:30 A.M. boat for

San Francisco and the fog was so thick we

couldn't see from one end of the boat to the

other. I don't see how we ever got to San Francisco

-- had to stop every time we heard a fog

whistle and were over 2 hours getting in.

We walked to the Naval Headquarters  100 Harrison

street. There we met an old friend of Bill's

-- Bill Coleman -- and he drove us to the

docks to catch a boat for Goat Island. The

fog was so thick the Navy tug was not running

so had to catch a Key Route Ferry to Oakland

pier, there would catch a navy tug to Goat

Island. It was exciting -- fog so dense one

couldn't see at all and fog horns tooting all

around us. Catch the navy tug which was waiting

for our ferry and arriving at Goat Island

we walked up a long winding walk to the

main office and Bill reported in as ordered. Was

so delighted and pleased when the Executive Officer

-- Commander [Chew? Cheur?] -- told Bill he wouldn't

be required to stand any days' duty. It was

if a load had been lifted off of me, as I

had been so unhappy over the thought of

Bill's possible duty down there. The fog had

lifted somewhat by the time we got back to San

Francisco -- got a taxi and went directly to

the Stewart Hotel where we took a very nice

front room on the 2nd floor. Hurried down to

lunch as we were starved. Had a six course

lunch in the the Hotel dining room for 65¢.

After lunch we started on a shopping tour, which

lasted all afternoon. Couldn't find a thing

suitable, so in desperation bought a little [bilious]

green creation for $12.50. Returned to the Hotel