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at 4:30 too tired to move again.  Bill had

tea served in our room, which was great.

Dressed for dinner and went to Solan's --

a famous old San Francisco restauranter where

we had a very good Italian dinner. Then we

went to the Orpheum -- it was good but

saw 3 acts that we had seen in New York

last year.


Wednesday Oct 27th   Temp. Max 81  min 59

The [Hiltabridles] called for us at the Stewart

and after a chat in the lobby all went

over to Hotel [Larne] to call on the

Bales. Then had lunch and planned to

take the 2:30 P.M. boat back to Vallejo. Took

a taxi a little early and on the way to the

boat we drove up around the Fairmont Hotel,

a beautiful building on the crest of one of

San Francisco's highest hills, had a fine view

of the city and bay from here, then went

thru Chinatown down to the Lincoln Hotel,

on lower Market Street, to see the damages

the earthquake of Oct 21st had done to it --

at its top -- 7 floors up -- it had separated

from the adjoining building about 1½ feet. At

about 5:30 P.M. we arrived back home in Vallejo.

Thursday Oct 28th   Temp.  Max  61  min.  57

The Bales came up for the day -- I cooked

a dinner for noon time then we walked all

over Mare Island. They returned to San Francisco

on the 6:30 P.M. and are sailing to-morrow

on the U.S.A.T. transport "Thomas" and will be

in Manila about 10 days before the Chaumont

gets there.

In the evening Wallace Dowd called for

us and took us to his home on Bay Terrace where we

met his wife. We played bridge all evening and

had a very pleasant time.

Sunday Oct 31st    Temp  Max.  73  min. 54

The Dowds came for us at about

3:00 P.M. and took us for a drive out in

the country -- towards Sacramento as far as

Cordelia and up a side road. Stopped at

a farm house where I picked my first orange

off of a tree and also a fig. Bill bought