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some very elegant "grap juice", made of real

Cal. grapes and by an old Cal. grape grower.

Two grades were purchased -- one at $8 a gal

and the other at $4 a gal.

Hurried home and dressed as we were

invited to Mrs [Riegers] for supper. Had a lovely

supper -- Chaplain and Mrs Miller were there.

After supper we drove over to the Navy Yard

to the movies which were held in a regular

movie theatre on the 2nd floor of the Marine

Post Exchange. Saw a comedy, Pathé News and

the feature play was "Forlorn River" with Jack


Tuesday Evening  Nov 2nd   Temp   Max. 69 Min. 54

Went to a bridge Party given by Chaplain

and Mrs Miller -- 3 tables. It was a lovely

party and every one had such a nice time.

Thursday Nov. 4th    Temp.  Max.  70   Min.  51

The millers took us to Admiral and Mrs

Dayton's at home -- Commandant of Mare Island

Navy -- It was a very nice tea. Bill met

several old friends, Dr & Mrs Murdock, Comdr and

Mrs Clements and several others. The Clements asked

us over in the evening and had a very

nice visit.

Friday Nov 5th  Temp.  Max.  70  Min.  51

Made calls in the afternoon and in the

evening the Murdocks called and we played