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Saturday November 6th   Temp  Max. 69  Min. 53

In the afternoon went to a movie

and vaudeville -- a punk show. Called on

the Bradys and did our marketing. Upon

arrival home found that Miss Rieger had

phoned and asked us to the movies in the

yard. Hurried thru dinner, Miss Rieger

called for us at 7:15. The movie was "Up

in Mabel's room" and it was awfully good.

Afterward we all went up to the Riegers and

had cold roast wild duck, dressing, jelly, cake

and coffee.


Sunday Nov. 7th   Temp Max. 73  Min. 52

The Bradys called for us at noon

and started out on an auto trip. Went up the

Napa Valley to Napa, then to Sonoma.

There we saw the old missions, one room of

which was filled with relics of early Spanish

and pioneer days and took a couple of pictures

here which follow