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cold                                                                                                                                    (Holiday)

Sunday, Jan. 1, 1933


Wake up about 12 .

All 3 of us get up about

1:30. P.M.  Get breakfast.

Discuss washing my

hair but finally decide

not to after afternoon is

wasted.  Get dressed and

make my bed about

3:30.  Hellen Aspimoail 

comes over.  We go for a 

walk?  I come home

without her as she tries

to catech a lost dog.  We

play pool until supper.

She eats here.  Daddy

has supper in bed as

he isn't too good.  We

play 3 games of Par-

cheese'.  She goes home.

I go to bed.  In bed about

9:15. Fall asleep long after

11:00 P.M. Sleep poorly.