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Warmish                        Girl Scouts

Wednesday, Jan. 4, 1933

M 9:30 PM    about 50 [degree symbol] all day

Up about 7:38. Dress etc.

Help get Daddy's break-

fast.  Aspinwalls take me

to school & bring me back.

I go to school with them &

return again in their car.

call up Hellen when I get

home & ask her to go with Mim & me

downtown.  End up by going with

them.  Take their puzzle over to them

on the way.  They take me right to 

church.  Daddy comes for me.

Of course [?] [CodfinenF] goes

home with us.  Read paper.

eat supper.  Do Latin homework

after reading for about 15 minutes

in library book "Uncle Terry'.

Study Latin voc. and [squeeze?]

2 oranges.  Drink 1 glass.  Go up

stairs.  Wash one pr. silk

stockings.  Bathee.  Retire &

write here.  Mother went out 

8:15.  Daddy is doing work on his business.

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Fair         Basketball practice

Calvin Coolidge found dead

Thursday, Jan. 5, 1933

1/2m                  Daddy leaves.  [arrow pointing right]

Daddy and Mother get up about 6:30

& leave for train at 7:30.  I

don't arise until about 7:35

Eat breakfast alone but Mother

had it all fixed.  Ride to

school iwth Helen.  (Mother

gets back about 8:15., but I go 

with Aspinwalls.)  Stay for

lunch.  Had 3 sandwiches Mrs.

Stowell made yesterday.  Good.

Gym 7th period & play for 

beginners basketball practice.

Get out about 4:45.  Walk

home Monroe Ave. along & get

home about time lights go

on.  Mother comes in a 

little later and tell Mr.

Coolidge (former Us., pres-

ident) died and 1:15.  Supper

alone, of our one fix.