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Fair        Supper at Aspinwalls.

Music Lesson

Brignton at [bask?chesl?]

Friday, Jan. 6, 1933

10:29 PM    Virginia Sprague 4 yrs. [?]

Get up and wake up Mother

about 10 of 8.  Hurry to 

get dressed & washed.

Downstairs by about 8:02.

8 at breakfast which Mama

gets.  Go over to Hellen's, 

her Daddy takes us to

school.  Stay for lunch

have 2 of my own sand-

wiches.  Oral talk in 

English, [punk?].  Miss Wents

comes for me.  Have music

lesson.  Do Fr. & Cop

Latin words.  Mom and I

go to Aspinwall's for

suppoer.  Claire DusMond

comes over & together we 

look at Helen's pictures.  We

come home about 10.  2

Aspin - with us.  Great

circle about moon.  [?]

house for night.  (Daddy

sent us a letter with postcards)

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Windy & chilly              Coolidge buried.

                                  Helen A. overnite

                                  Finger wave

Saturday, Jan. 7, 1933

[image:  arrow right]  Daddy returns

Get up about 8:15. to get

Telegram, not for my

pleasure.  Go back to bed.

When I get up later I wash

2 pr. stocking ~ bathe &

wash hair in tub.

Lunch Mother takes me

to Mrs. Holland and I 

have my 2nd finger

wave.  Read "Uncle Terry".

Came home & read some more

Go to office and get

Daddy who has just come 

in town.  Home    Helen

Aspinwall for supper.

Play 'rummy' Y 'bridge'.

She stays overnight.  We

sleep together in the 

guest bed.  Pretty well

considering cold.  Not

sleep until very late.

Wear new green pajamas