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Fair chilly alittle [?]    Church + [?]

                                Supper at Wilcox.

 Sunday, Jan. 8, 1933

Alarm clock goes off

about 8:30.  But we

stay in bed 'till 9:30.

Breakfast,  Make sadly

messed bed.  Read

paper.  Helen goes home

& we 3 go to church.

Very later.  Go to Y.MCA

for dinner.  Came 

home.  Help untrim

Xmas tree.  Read

'Uncle Terry'.  Helen comes

over & we play 3 games

of Parchesse.  I win 2 .

Read more of 'Uncle

Terry' for about 1/2 hr

after she leaves.  We

3 go to Wilcox's for supper.

Come home about 9:30.

I sleep in the Guest


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Fair & Rainy                     Edna here

                                      Fire at Wood-burn's

Monday, Jan. 9, 1933

Get up about 7:35.

Very sleepy after a 'swell'

nignt's sllep.  Dress. etc

Mother gets my break-

fast.  Daddy thro when 

I get down.  Helenl calls

me up & a little later

call for me & go to 

school in their car.

Stay for lunch.  See

Miss Eckert at noon,

Go home with

Helen, in their car, at

night.  Clare & Gene

with here.  Write in 

diary.  Mother not here

Read a Detroit News.  Daddy

happens to come home

early.  Air smells queer.

We go thro Lyddon's yard

to Southern [Privy?].  Fire in

Woodburn's chimney.  Edna

over for supper & evening  sleep in guest bed.