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Fair   Nickie's 2nd year here.

Tuesday, Jan. 10, 1933

9:16 PM

Up about 7:35.  Dress etc.

Mother comes downstairs.

Eat breakfast.  Go to Aspin-

walls & they take me to

school.  Stay for lunch.

Have 2 of my sandwiches.

Helen's sorority have candy

sale.  I spend 5 [cent].  Very good.

Gym in P.M. Walk home alone.

Read 'Uncle Terry' awhile.  Go to 

Harts & Rosebud, walking.

Come home & finish book.

Supper.  I sit in Daddy's place

& Carol [?] [?] coffee.

Detestible.  P.p.a wee gut

Do 3/4 French. Pob massages

me be goes out.  She [?]

Latin (more fun & how!!)

Finish Latin 9:00.  Squeeze

oranges & [?] breakfast

Write here. Retire. Sleep

in guest bed.

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Girl Scouts


Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1933

Go to school with the 

Aspinwalls, in their

car. (Merci ' bien, Helene.)

Stay for lunch.  My

own sandwiches.

Watch basketball game

at noon.  Hurry home

alone after schoo.  Change

into Girl Scout suite.  Hurry

to car.  Just catch it.  At

scouts on time.  Daddy comes

for me and of course she goes 

home with us [(Poo?)]

Supper.  Study & I suppose

I went to bed.

Sleep in my own 

bed at  night.